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Nov 22, 2016

Timely news for Australia's summer

A picture of Hazel MacTavish-West

MacTavish West aim to add value: to products, businesses and opportunities.

  • Creativity and Science
  • Innovation and Development
  • Communicating and Training

Inspiring - providing innovative, near-market ideas and creative concepts for the food, farming, science and engineering industries.

Creating - whether it's a new food product, a plant extract for the skincare industry, or an electronic prototype, we are confident we can help you identify a better path forwards and an innovative solution. Creative & successful design for brands, products, packaging, website content and other materials.

Communicating - we regularly provide presentations to the media, academic, government and business groups across Australia and the UK. Trends in foods, food technology, innovation, adding value and communicating at a grass roots level. Development of content for your communication, marketing and public relations campaigns.

"Tasty Feedback"

I speak with many people across a range of industries, but Hazel (or Dr MacTavish-West) has always impressed me with her friendliness, level of knowledge and joy in sharing that for all. I know when Hazel comments it's correct and comes from a depth of experience. I enjoy talking with Hazel because every time I learn something new.

Roger Hanson
News Corp Journalist, Mercury/Tasmanian Country

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